Summer 2016 Rules and Regulations

The following is a listing of the common Rules and Regulations for hops with prizes offered by Florida Shop Hops, LLC

1) Participants must be 18 years of age or older.
2) Participants must register on-line to receive a free passport and registration number via e-mail.
3) Name, telephone number and e-mail address must be printed on your passport.
4) Only one passport per person.
5) You must present your passport in person with valid State or Federal ID.
6) Each store will stamp your passport indicating you have visited that store.
7) Passports are not transferable.
8) Your passport is your responsibility. If lost, your passport may be replaced by reprinting it, but the stamps from stores already visited will not be credited or noted on your replacement passport.
9) Your passport must be surrendered via US Mail and post marked by 8/26/15.
10) Verifying your passport is stamped at each store is your responsibility.
11) You must have all store stamps to be eligible for the Grand Prizes. Hoppers completing all stores will be included in all drawings.
12) Zone(s)* have been changed to quantities of shops for this hop. See rules 16 & 17
13) Only one prize per entry may be awarded.
14) Winners are responsible for any and all applicable taxes, and or fees as required by law.
15) Unclaimed Prizes will be eligible for additional drawings.
16) You must visit 20 shops to be eligible for the first level of prizes. Must include a visit to an “Extreme” shop. See passport or publication for details.
17) You must visit 30 shops to be eligible for the first and second level of prizes. Must include visits to two “Exterme” shops. See passport or publication for details.
18) “Extreme” shops. We have identified certain shops as “Extreme” shops. Rules 16 & 17 refer to these shops. They will be identified in the list with your passport and in our publication.

Prize Winners Responsibility
Winners must be 18 years of age or older as required by State of Florida law.
Winners are responsible for any and all applicable taxes (i.e. State, local and or national sales tax, state and/or federal income tax)
Winners have 5 business days to respond to notification of winning.
Winners have 14 days to claim/pick-up/arrange delivery of prizes.
Prizes may be shipped as requested by the winner. Shipping charges are to be pre-paid by the winner.

Prizes will be made available for pick up.

Please do not ask shops to make exceptions to the Rules and Regulations.
Violations, no matter how well intended, on the part of a shop will result in disqualification of the hopper and removal of a shop from participation in future shop hops sponsored by Florida Shop Hops, LLC.

Any discrepancies or disputes are to be brought to the attention of Florida Shop Hops, LLC, within 10 business days. Their decision(s) and resolution as to discrepancies or disputes are final.

* Zones for the Summer 2016 shop hop will consist of a quantities of shops to visits. Requirements will be posted on your passport.

Individual store prizes are not provided by nor managed by Florida Shop Hops, LLC and are handled by the respective stores. Please contact the individual store directly.