Lighthouses & Bridges of Florida Shop Hop

July 16 – Aug. 20, 2016

  1. Is there a charge or a passport purchase requirement for the Lighthouses and Bridges of Florida Shop Hop?
    There are no charges or purchase requirements
  2. Can I get a passport at a shop?
    No. Passport are only available by registering on-line and receiving it via email. A participating shop may assist you with this but they do not control or have special access to the on-line registration system.
  3. I understand Row By Row will be happening at the same time. Can I participate in both hops on one visit?
    Yes. In fact, we encourage you to participate in both hops.
  4. My friend can’t make it to all the stores with me. Can I get her passport stamped?
    No. All passports holders must present their own passport in person with ID, to get stamped.
    Please do not ask shops to make exceptions to the rules. It will place them in jeopordy for participating in future hops.
  5. Will I get duplicates?
    No. Each store will only be giving out their assigned lighthouse or bridge.
  6. The artwork is wonderful. Can I purchase the fabric by the yard?
    The lighthouse artwork is used by permission of the Florida Lighthouse Association and Florida Shop Hop has limited use.
    If there are panels left over at the end of the hop it will be made available for sale.
  7. There are limited quantities of the prints. Does this mean I may not get one?
    It is possible that a shop may run out of their initial handout.  You should hop quickly and early to avoid this possibility. The quantities assigned to shops are based on overall average visit to the shops from previous hops. If a shop runs out of their assigned print, a substitution may be made.
  8. What are the Zones?
    We have done away with zones. This year prize eligibility is based on numbers. Visit 20 shops to be eligible for our first level prize. Visit 30 shops to be eligible for our second level prize. We will identify “Extreme” shops and you must visit one of these shops in your 20 and 2 of these shops in your 30. Simply visiting 20 shops is not enough to qualify for a prize.
  9. What are the “Extreme” shops and what do I need to know about them?
    There are 5 “Extreme” shops. (refering to the extreme geographic location)
    Group A: In your 20 shops you must visit one of these.
    Fabric Art Shop, Lake City
    Quilters Choice. Jupiter
    Alma Sue’s Quilts, Sarasota
    Group B:In your 30 shops you must visit two of these.
    Fabric Art Shop
    Pam’s Fabric Nook, Port St Lucie
    Cotton Patch Quilt Shop, University Park
  10. Can I turn my “passport” in at a participating shop?
    No. All “passports” must be mailed. The deadline for postmark is 8/26/16.
  11. Where do I mail my passport to?
    Florida Shop Hops LLC
    PO BOX  82
    Tavares, FL 32778
  12. What do I do when I visit a shop?
    Identify yourself as a hopper and present your “passport” and ID. The shop will stamp your “passport”, and record your “passport” number.
  13. Will all the stores be open on the weekend?
    No. Each shop will operate on their own hours. These hours are posted with each
    shops listing and on the shop hops publication. Be sure to call ahead.