Lighthouses & Bridges – Extreme Shops

What are they?
>>>>>They are shops that are geographically located at extremes. Far south, far east, or just out by themselves with no close relatives.


How many are there?
>>>>>There 5 shops in two groups. Group A and Group B.


How are they identified?
>>>>>In our Map and Directions page they have these images in their listings.
extreme a         extreme b
 We have also posted a map of just the “Extreme Shops” below.


What are the visit requirements?
>>>>>You must have a stamp from at least one in Group “A” in your 20 to be eligible for that prize level drawing.
>>>>>You must have stamps from at least two in Group “B” in your 30 to eligible for that prize level drawing.


Can I visit one from Group  “A” and one from Group “B” and be eligible for any drawings?
>>>>>Yes, if you have a minimum of 20 stamps on your passport you will be eligible for the 20 level prize drawing.
>>>>>You will not be eligible for the 30 level drawing as you do not have 2 from Group “B” even if you have 30+ stamps.